9 Common Mistakes, Before After and during The Sex.

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How To Get Pink lips Naturally?

You all know the reason why our lips turn dark, dry or chapped. Don’t you know?Read here: 11 Reasons Why your lips are turning dark and dry.

1. Coconut or Almond Oil Massage.

Before going to Sleep massage your lips with almond or coconut oil. Both oils boost the circulation of blood in the lip area.

2. Stop Eating Your Lips.

Some people find their lips delicious and start sucking or chewing them constantly and make them Chapped.

3. Brush Your lips.

Yes, you read that correct, not only your teeth you should brush your lips also softly and gently. Brushing exfoliates dead skin on your lips and lightens the color.Note:- always apply a good lip balm after Exfoliates dead skin from your lips.

4. Coffee scrub.

Coffee powder, lemon, and sugar will lighten up your lip color. All three have lightening and exfoliating property. Mix all three together and gently Scrub your Lips.

5. Raw Milk.Applying Raw milk on your lips helps in turning them Pink.

11 Reasons Why Your Lip Color Is Dark?

Undoubtedly, Naturally Pink or Rosy lips are an appealing feature of a man and woman look.
The color of lips varies from person to person.
Sometimes lips become dark because of lifestyle or medical issues and sometimes it is genetic.
Dark lips destroy your look your impression in the eye of the viewer.
Now what you do for dark lips?
Kept worrying?? Yes, that all you did and still do.
Now Stop thinking that why they are turning dark or chapped and figure out the reasons:

Reasons why lips are turning dark?

1. Nicotine and the smoke cause discoloration of your lips and make them look dark.
2. If darkness is genetic then you have to be more attentive by using remedies more frequently then other or can’t say much about.
3. Medical issues like if you have gone through chemotherapy, your lips turn dark.
4. If caffeine intake by you is very high..
5.  If you don’t use sunblock on lips the sun exposure makes them dry, chapped and dark.
6. If you are allergic to certain products like lip product or toothpaste etc.
7. If you constantly use lips cosmetics or products and check the expiration period of your product before using it.
8. High consumption of alcohol makes your lips dry and dark..
9.  If you never moisturize or massage your lips. Your lips become dehydrate and dry.

10. Chewing tobacco not only harmful for  your health but for lips color also.
Tobacco leads to discoloration of lips..

Stop Eating Your Lips.

Some people find their lips delicious and start sucking or chewing them constantly and make them dry and Chapped.

Vaginal Yeast Infection Treatment at home.

Here is an YouTube video on Vaginal infection you must Watch

Home Remedies For Vaginal Infection.

Vaginal yeast infection is highly google term but we all (especially women) are ashamed to talk about it.

3 out of 4 women suffer from this infection in their life. I am franker to this topic cause I was diagnosed with this twice. If ignored it can be associated with risk factors.

When I had this infection I literally cried out loud every time I pee. It hurts a lot. Like I wanted to kill myself cause I thought the death will be less painful than this infection.

What is this and how does it happen?

Our vagina contains healthy numbers of Bacteria and yeast.

Lactobacilli, hormone estrogen helps to kill harmful organisms in the vagina.

But sometimes fungus called Candida grows out of control and disrupts the natural balance of the vagina.

Some people consider it a sexually transmitted disease but it is not.


•Irritation and Itchiness.

•Swelling and Redness.

•Painful Sex and Urination.

•Thick white discharge.

•Vaginal Pain and Rash

Home Remedies to Treat Vaginal Yeast Infection at Home.

1.Coconut oil: It has antifungal property and works great for instant relief. Just dip a Cotton ball in coconut oil and gently apply it on the infected vagina.

2.Aloe vera: Drinking aloe vera juice can increase White Blood Cell to fight yeast infection. You can also lightly massage infected areas with organic aloe vera gel.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar: ACV can drink mixing it with a glass of water to cure this infection. You Can Apply it over the vagina for instant relief by mixing it with coconut oil.

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4. Ice Cube: Cover some ice cube with a piece of cotton cloth and gently press it over the vagina.

5. Yogurt: Yogurt is probiotic Ingesting pain yogurt repeatedly will definitely work great and heal your infection.

6. Alum Water: (Fitkari in Hindi) Use Alum water in your Vagina to get rid of itching, irritation.

7. Neem: Neem has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Drinking a glass of neem water will prevent the Fungus to grow out.

8. Garlic: I am sure it sounds awful but many women experienced it helpful. Some eat it and some experienced that inserting Garlic inside your Vagina gives relief.

What To Eat To Lower your High Blood Pressure Easily?

High blood pressure (hypertension) is a condition when your heart beats it pumps blood around your body to give it energy and oxygen it needs. As the blood pushes against the side of the blood vessels. The strength of this push is your blood pressure. If BP is too high it put a strain on your arteries and can lead to a life-threatening condition like a heart attack.

In India 1 in 8 has high blood pressure and about 1/3 of people don’t know that they have high blood pressure.


A healthy blood pressure reading is 120/80 mm of mercury. Often people have no symptoms. But here are few signs which you should not ignore.

1. Headaches.

2. Chest Pain

3.Difficulty in breathing.


5.Nose Bleed

6. Fatigue.

7.Vision Problem.


1.Diet: Food that is rich in high salt, fat or cholesterol

2. Family History: Especially when your parents have.

3. Lack of physical activity.

4. Old age people.

5.Tobacco or drinking too much alcohol.

6. Stress and some birth control pills.

Now comes the point of what you should eat to lower your high blood pressure?

1.Fruits: Berries, Watermelon, Beetroot, Pomegranate and kiwi.

Read Here:
Click on the picture: Beetroot for women

2. Dark chocolate

3. Oats

4. Yogurt

5.Sunflower Seed.


7. Garlic

8. Spinach.

9. Aloe Vera.

Read in detail about Home-made Aloe Vera product by Clicking on the picture.

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DIY Aloe Vera Products For Your Hair Care.

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5 Amazing Empty Stomach Morning Drink.

80% of people start their day with a dehydrated body.

The best way to avoid dehydration is to drink plenty of fluids.

One must be aware of which type of fluid you drink in an empty stomach.

Especially Country like India’s major population prefer tea in the empty stomach but wise people start their day with healthy substitutes.

Following Mention 5 Amazing drink will keep your body hydrated, boost energy and metabolism.

1. Warm Water.

Water is, of course, the best drink to have in an empty stomach. It rehydrates the body, fuels your brain, helps you fight sickness and strengthen the immune system last but not least gets rid of the toxins in your body.

2. Lemon, Water, and Honey.

Squeeze lemon juice into warm water mix it with honey, stir it well and drink in an empty stomach. It helps you to fend of bloating. Vitamin C boosts the immune system. Keep the body hydrated and this drink cure many skin problem and reduce fat.

2. Amla Juice.

Amla juice improved eye vision and skin health.

It prevents anti-aging, burns fat, strengthens heart muscles, builds immunity and treats menstrual cramps.

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3. Methi Water (Fenugreek).

Methi water is great for your overall health.

It manages your weight, promotes hair growth. Methi water is highly recommended for diabetic persons.

It also helps in increasing breast milk production.

4.Aloe vera Juice.

Aloe vera juice cleanses the body of toxins and intestine. You can team it with amla juice.

Aloe Vera juice is rich in Vitamin – B12, Vitamin – B2, Vitamin – C which helps in delaying the aging process as it removes the wrinkle and patches from skin and makes it glowing.

5. Coconut Water.

Coconut water is a delicious source of hydration that prevents kidney stones, itchy scalp, and dandruff. Drinking coconut water in an empty stomach acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin. It works against diabetes, supports heart health.

Amazing Benefits Of Oiling Belly Button.

In Ayurvedic tradition navel or belly button represent the origin of life.
This is our first nourishment source when we all were in mom’s womb.
It is considered to be the root of vein and nerves which work as the transporter of nutrients to the body.

I will share amazing facts regarding Navel with you all.
Your Navel can help you to fight many problems.
All you have to do is – fill oil in your belly button it is called Navel therapy or Nabhi chikitsa in Vedas.

The first question that pops up in our mind is –
what actually Navel therapy is and what are it’s a benefit?

According to Ayurveda, Our belly button is one of the major chakras or energy points in our body.
Navel therapy can cure and treat various conditions.
This practice has been practiced from the ages.
Navel therapy in simple language is oil filing in the belly button.
(Oil can be neem, coconut or any other).

Navel therapy can treat your acne, pimple problem, lessen your menstrual pain makes your skin glowing.

5 best Oil for your Bellybutton and their benefits.

1.Mustard oil.
Pouring Little oil on your belly button can help you to lessen menstrual pain and cramps by relaxing the veins around the uterus.
It is good for vision, puffy eyes.
It also helps to get rid of dry and chapped lips.

2.Coconut oil and Olive oil.
The belly button is the connection to mother and child.
Coconut Oil can boost fertility, sperm count and helps to get pregnant.
Olive oil hydrate and moisturize your skin.

3.Almond oil.
Revive a dull and tired face with few almond oils. It acts as an inflammatory agent, detoxify skin and maintain skin health.

4.Castor oil.
Learn joint paint and aches. It stimulates eyebrow and eyelash growth and heals the fungal infection.

5.Neem oil.
Neem oil can help you to get rid of acne, dark spots, pigmentation.
Promote hair growth and gives a fairer skin.

6.Peppermint oil.
It has soothing and cooling properties which makes it effective for acne, eliminate dandruff gives healthy and shiny hair.

Other than oil,
Alcohol dripped cotton on the belly can cure a cold and flu.
Brandy dipped cotton reduce menstrual pain and cramps.

Suggesting you Few best navel drop at a good price with the best result.

1. Bella Vita Organic Belly Drops Ayurvedic Navel Oil For Skin Glow & Healthy Hair.

2. Bella Vita Organic Belly Drops Ayurvedic Navel Oil For Menstrual Periods Pain Relief.

3. NabhiSutra-Belly Button Oil for Healthy Hair

4. Nabhi Sutra Premium & Pure Whiteglow Skin And Brightening Oil Sensational Skin

5. NabhiSutra-Belly Button Oil For Joint Pain Relief

5 Fruits that Fights with Anemia.

Simply saying, the Deficiency of blood is Anemia which is nowadays becoming a common problem. It’s a relationship is with nutrition in your diet.

If your diet is a balanced diet, then your body is ready to fight with this condition- Anemia.

Now point come, what is a balanced diet?

So A balanced diet is a diet which all the nutrition in the the the the the the adequate amount required by the body and the requirement of calories, vitamins, minerals get fulfilled.

Let me take you in detail About Anemia by answering the frequently asked question that will arise in your mind while reading this.

What is Anemia?
If your face has lost that natural glow, it looks more tired, dull then possibly you are suffering from Anemia.

Anemia is a blood disease. It is a condition in which your blood doesn’t or lack healthy Red Blood Cells which reduces the oxygen flow to other organs in our body. In Anemia, your body lacks iron.

Why is RBC count important?

RBC’s job is to transport oxygen to tissue in the body in exchange for carbon dioxide.RBC contains a substance called Haemoglobin which performs the job.

And if your RBC Count Falls you are now I think intelligent enough to know what will happen further.

Symptoms and sign Of Anemia.

• Extreme Fatigue.

• Weakness.

• Fast heart rate or palpitation or shortness of breath.

• Dull and pale skin.

• Cold hands and feet.

• Brittle Nails (your nails seem hard but easily become cracked)

• Leg Cramps and Insomnia

What will happen if you Ignore Anemia?

If left untreated it will lead to dysfunction of body organs, You will look more than your actual age, Your heart will find it harder to work in the lack of RBC which will further damage your heart.

If left untreated it can be life-threatening so, take this seriously.

Anemia in India

Anemia is widespread in India. It doubles the risk of death during Pregnancy and low motor development growth of babies

In India, According to the report Circulated by WHO, 58.6% of children, 53% of nonpregnant and 52% of pregnant women are found Anemic. Women are more likely to suffer from this Anemia because of blood loss in menstruation, loss of blood in pregnancy.
20 percent of women suffer from this disease compared to 2 percent of men. So it is you who will take care of you.

5 Fruits that will Fight with Anemia.

One must include fruits which are a rich source of Iron and Vitamin C in the diet to reduce the risk of Anemia.

1. Apple

Apple contains a huge amount of Vitamin C and Iron which boosts up the quantity of iron in the body. The Peel of iron is full of fiber that’s why it is advised to eat Apple along with the peel.


To increase the RBC Count in your body Pomegranate is one of the best fruit. It is enriched with Vitamin A, C, And E.

The Ascorbic Acid present in it increase the quantity of iron in our body. Your hemoglobin rises up when you include pomegranate in your daily diet.


Plum (Aloo Bukhara in Hindi) is a rich source of Vitamin C, Iron, and Manganese and helps the body to fight with Anemia.

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4. Indian Blackberry

Blackberry eliminates the impurities in blood and gives us Clear and glowing skin. Being rich in Iron and Vitamin C boosts up the count Of RBCs.

5. Peach.

Peach (Aadu in Hindi) reduces the risk of Anemia in the body. Peaches being a rich source of Vitamin C and Iron prevent the growth of faulty RBCs.

Peaches also help in weight loss, good for eyesight and skin glow.

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