5 Homemade DIY Glowing Skin Remedies For Men & Women

Our skin is forever changing and wants deep care from us. Now I am sure you are wondering how to do that. Instead of purchasing costly cosmetics items You can take care of your skin with all the ingredients you can easily get from your kitchen and garden.

This DIY home remedies will help you to get Shiny, Glowing, Acne free, Tan free skin

1.Coffee Powder +Sugar+Aloevera

Mix it well. Apply the layer on your face and next. Leave it for 15 min and rinse off with lukewarm water

2. Gram flour+Turmeric+Milk

  • Gram flour is a scrubbing agent along with turmeric and milk it brightens up your skin, removes tan and redness.

How to make:-2tbsp of Gram flour+Pinch of turmeric+2tbsp of raw milk.Apply it on your face, leave it for 10 min and rinse it off with water

3. Multani Mitti (Fullers Earth)

Multani mitti helps in fighting acne and pimple,  deep Cleanse your skin, even out your skin,  treats tanning and pigmentation.

How to make:- 2tbsp of Multani mitti+2tbsp of rosewater.
Make a thin paste, apply it on your face, leave it for 5-8 min and rinse it off with water.

4.Sandalwood powder.

Sandalwood powder exfoliates the skin,  soothes the sunburn, lighten the complexion.

Note:- don’t rub it on your skin.
Gently apply a layer of it on your face.
How to make:-2tbsp of sandalwood powder+1tbsp of Aloe vera gel or 2tbsp of raw milk. Mix it well.
Apply it on your face, leave it for 5 min and rinse it off.

5.Yogurt+lemon juice+honey

Yogurt has lactic acid which helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
It tightens up your skin.
Lemon juice rich in vitamin C helps in brightening your skin.
Honey is naturally antibacterial so it’s great for acne treatment and prevention.

How to do:-make:-2tbsp of Yogury+1tbsp of lemon juice+ 1tbsp of honey Mix it well.
Apply it on your face, leave it for 10 min and rinse it off.

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