7 Colors Every Guy Should Have In His Wardrobe And Their Psychological Properties.

The total number of colors that exist is 10 million, well that amazing and extraordinary cause we hardly know 12-15 colors, but one of the keys for every man and woman to look more appealing and professional is simply to choose the right color to wear! Along with this, every color has a psychological impression on us i.e looking someone in white gives a peace, clam in our eyes, red shows the passion, black makes you classy. Here you will get to know the 7 colors every guy must have in his wardrobe to enhance your appearance and their psychological properties.

White:- Innocence, Purity.

Men liking or wearing white too often, says that a person is pure and innocent by heart. It is a color Men must have in his wardrobe before any Red, Black, Blue Color. Men look more professional wearing white.

Black:–Elegant, Classy!!

The black color makes you look more elegant, classy, protective and slightly mysterious. Although black can have negative connotations—it’s the color of death, fear, and grief—it’s more generally associated with power and elegance but it is an indicator of Power, like Red. And frankly and personally speaking girls find men more attractive in black color.

Blue:– Confidence,Intelligence

The color of the sea is blue even the biggest shelter we have the sky is blue. The blue color associated with deep emotions, wisdom, confidence.Persons wearing blue look intelligent, confident. According to science, Blue color slows down metabolism and produces a calming effect on the body.

Light blue:- Peaceful, Calm

Light blue stands for reliability, trust. Wearing light blue leaves a gentle impression on the eyes of the viewer. It is a peaceful and calming color.

Peach:- Cool, Romantic

The best property of peach color is a reflection, it reflects on your face and gives the peachy, even tone shade to your face. Peach color creates a sense of stability. A person who likes peach color symbolizes he is optimistic, versatile.

Light Grey:– Practical, Conservative

The perspective of color psychology, grey is emotionless, boring, detached dull and dirty, but a light shade of grey makes you look balanced, practical and conservative. It is the color of calmness. Grey color has spiritual properties also.

Red:-Energetic, Passionate.

How does the red color make you feel? I know the answer, it is intense, aggressive, danger, anger last but not least love. But above all this, it is color or energy, exciting. Red is a strong color, like black. Wearing red fills your mind with energy, strength, and power. Wearing black will make you look Energetic, Powerful.

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