8 steps to get a Simple but Stunning Pre-Wedding Party Look Quickly (Indian Bride)

A pre-wedding party or bachelor party is a celebration day for the bride and her friends.
And I am super sure that every girl wants to slay the party with her looks.
And what if you can look super stunning, beautiful and fabulous with few makeup products.So, today I will share with you  how to get this simple but stunning look with few makeup products (quickly)

Step 1:- Apply a thin layer of primer over your face or you can Moisturise your skin with any moisturizer you have been using.
The benefit of applying a layer of primer is it makes your makeup stay longer and protect your skin with all chemicals used in cosmetic products. Product used:-Lakme Absolute Blur perfect primer.

Step 2:- Squeeze a small amount of CC  or BB cream. Put a small dots on your Forehead, Nose, Cheeks, Chin, and never ever skip your neck.
Blend the cream with the help of a blender or clean fingers.
You can also use any foundation you want but as the title suggests it is a light, quick But simply beautiful look so I prefer CC cream over foundation.
Its benefits are that is blends smoothly, covers blemishes, dark spots, and dark circles.
Product Used:- Lakme 9 to 5 CC Cream.Step 3:- Settle your CC cream or foundation with a loose powder.
Here I used Rose loose powder it gives you a pinkish glow.
Product Used:- Lakme Rose powder.

Step 4:- Shape your eyebrows with a good eyebrows pencil.
Don’t forget to match the shade of the Eyebrows Pencil with your eyebrows color. Well-shaped eyebrows enhance your look.
Product used:-Lakme Eyebrows Pencil, Black.

Step 5:- Apply your Favorite Eyeshadow’s shade from your palette.
First, apply the light shade as a highlighter then apply a shade darker. It will make your eyes look more attractive
Product Used:-Maybelline The New York Blushed Shades.Step 6:- Apply eyeliner to give your eyes a definition.
Product Used:- Lakme Insta EyeLiner.

Step 7:- Lengthen your eyelashes with a good mascara and intensify your eyelashes.
Product Used:- Maybelline New York Hypercurl Mascara.

Step 8:-  Lipstick is something women have been using for ages. So pick your best and favorite lipstick to make your lip attractive.
Product Used:- Lipstick by Elle 18.
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