DIY Aloe Vera Products For Your Hair Care.

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Your life is not perfect, but trust me your Hair can be
Thick, healthier and strong hair is what every woman wants (secretly Men too).Thining of hair feels like a curse!
It can happen because of our diet, lifestyle habit, hair product we see and genetic reasons.
There are a lot of hair products available in the market like oil, spray, shampoo, conditioner that promises a lot but do they really mean what they promise? You all know the answer.
What if I tell you that, you can make chemical-free hair care products only sitting in your home.
You don’t have to spend bundles of money to buy products all you need is a few common items that are already lying idle inside your home.
Without any delay, let’s hop into the method:-
5 DIY Aloe vera Hair Care products for thick, healthy and shiny hair.1. Aloe vera Hair Oil.
Required Item:- Aloe vera and Coconut oil.
Heat the coconut oil. Add aloe vera pieces. Heat them together for at least 30 minutes.
Strain out the aloe vera pieces. Cool it down and store it in a Container.
Apply the oil overnight on your hair or you can massage your scalp before 2 hours, washing your hair.
It will Treat your Dry Scalp, thicker your hair and increase hair growth.
2. Aloe vera Spray.
Required Item:- Aloe Vera, Water, And Essential Oil.Hair spray is a grooming product that protects your hair from humidity and wind. It holds your Hairstyle. This spray is very easy to make:
Extract Aloe vera pulp, pour distill or clean water. Add a few drops of essential oil. You can also add Apple Cider Vinegar.
3. Aloe vera Hair Mask.
Required Item: Aloe vera gel and Yoghurt.The hair mask is a deep conditioning treatment that heals Damaged hair.
Mix Aloe vera gel and yogurt.
Massage the mask in your hair before 20 minutes of washing your hair.
You won’t require any condition after this Hair Mask. Isn’t this 3 product is very easy to make.
What if there is no aloe vera around your home? You can use Aloe vera Gel available in the market. Make sure it is pure.
Recommended:- WoW Aloe vera Gel

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