What To Eat To Lower your High Blood Pressure Easily?

High blood pressure (hypertension) is a condition when your heart beats it pumps blood around your body to give it energy and oxygen it needs. As the blood pushes against the side of the blood vessels. The strength of this push is your blood pressure. If BP is too high it put a strain on your arteries and can lead to a life-threatening condition like a heart attack.

In India 1 in 8 has high blood pressure and about 1/3 of people don’t know that they have high blood pressure.


A healthy blood pressure reading is 120/80 mm of mercury. Often people have no symptoms. But here are few signs which you should not ignore.

1. Headaches.

2. Chest Pain

3.Difficulty in breathing.


5.Nose Bleed

6. Fatigue.

7.Vision Problem.


1.Diet: Food that is rich in high salt, fat or cholesterol

2. Family History: Especially when your parents have.

3. Lack of physical activity.

4. Old age people.

5.Tobacco or drinking too much alcohol.

6. Stress and some birth control pills.

Now comes the point of what you should eat to lower your high blood pressure?

1.Fruits: Berries, Watermelon, Beetroot, Pomegranate and kiwi.

Read Here:
Click on the picture: Beetroot for women

2. Dark chocolate

3. Oats

4. Yogurt

5.Sunflower Seed.


7. Garlic

8. Spinach.

9. Aloe Vera.

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