11 Reasons Why Your Lip Color Is Dark?

Undoubtedly, Naturally Pink or Rosy lips are an appealing feature of a man and woman look.
The color of lips varies from person to person.
Sometimes lips become dark because of lifestyle or medical issues and sometimes it is genetic.
Dark lips destroy your look your impression in the eye of the viewer.
Now what you do for dark lips?
Kept worrying?? Yes, that all you did and still do.
Now Stop thinking that why they are turning dark or chapped and figure out the reasons:

Reasons why lips are turning dark?

1. Nicotine and the smoke cause discoloration of your lips and make them look dark.
2. If darkness is genetic then you have to be more attentive by using remedies more frequently then other or can’t say much about.
3. Medical issues like if you have gone through chemotherapy, your lips turn dark.
4. If caffeine intake by you is very high..
5.Β  If you don’t use sunblock on lips the sun exposure makes them dry, chapped and dark.
6. If you are allergic to certain products like lip product or toothpaste etc.
7. If you constantly use lips cosmetics or products and check the expiration period of your product before using it.
8. High consumption of alcohol makes your lips dry and dark..
9.Β  If you never moisturize or massage your lips. Your lips become dehydrate and dry.

10. Chewing tobacco not only harmful forΒ  your health but for lips color also.
Tobacco leads to discoloration of lips..

Stop Eating Your Lips.

Some people find their lips delicious and start sucking or chewing them constantly and make them dry and Chapped.

3 thoughts on “11 Reasons Why Your Lip Color Is Dark?

  1. hey, great article on How To Get Pink lips Naturally?

    I hope this is also gonna work on me.
    by the way, this is your only 1 blog that you write cause I m inserted in reading more things you write for peoples

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