How To Get Pink lips Naturally?

You all know the reason why our lips turn dark, dry or chapped. Don’t you know?Read here: 11 Reasons Why your lips are turning dark and dry.

1. Coconut or Almond Oil Massage.

Before going to Sleep massage your lips with almond or coconut oil. Both oils boost the circulation of blood in the lip area.

2. Stop Eating Your Lips.

Some people find their lips delicious and start sucking or chewing them constantly and make them Chapped.

3. Brush Your lips.

Yes, you read that correct, not only your teeth you should brush your lips also softly and gently. Brushing exfoliates dead skin on your lips and lightens the color.Note:- always apply a good lip balm after Exfoliates dead skin from your lips.

4. Coffee scrub.

Coffee powder, lemon, and sugar will lighten up your lip color. All three have lightening and exfoliating property. Mix all three together and gently Scrub your Lips.

5. Raw Milk.Applying Raw milk on your lips helps in turning them Pink.

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