9 Common Mistakes, Before After and during The Sex.

You can also watch this video –12 Sex Mistakes you are doing

Sex is something that is entirely up to you, how you do it when you do it no other person has anything to do.

But do you know there is a common mistake you always do which can lead to infections, health problems, and mental problems as well?

So read and improve that mistake from now:-

Mistake No. 1.

Always pee after the sex, not before the sex. Neither this will lead to vaginal infection.

Mistake No. 2.

If you are someone who uses sex toys to get pleasure, make sure you clean and store it properly.

Mistake No. 3

Never share your sex toys.

Mistake No. 4

Always wash your anus first then vagina. You should wipe from back to front if you want to avoid infections.

Mistake No. 5

Always sleep clothes off or nude because your Semi wet body can react with the fabric you are wearing on.

Mistake No. 6

Never just quickly jump out of your bed after the intercourse. Let your body feel calm and relax.

Mistake No. 7

If you feel any kind of pain during intercourse and that is constant, directly consult your doctor.

Mistake No. 8

Don’t use any external object to clean your private area.

Mistake No. 9

If you use oil during intercourse say a big No to it. It increases the chances of infection in the vagina and penis as well.

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