Shanaya Joshi


Hello beautiful soul!! I am Shanaya, a learner,an entertainer, From a very small town KOTDWARA which is located in a beautiful State Debhoomi Uttarakhand. I started writing blog on Feb 2020,Meanwhile i was suffering from clinical depression because of some family,relationship issue, later on ,which started reflecting on my Skin,Health,lifestyle,way of talking.But then one sunny morning a thought strike on my mind that why i am allowing myself to ruin this god’s gift.After that i started experimenting,studying all the beauty,health care topic to enhance my skin,hair, and every other things that god has bless me!! Shanaya matters is all about helping you to take care of your beauty,health,fashion and much more no matter what is your skin color,body type,your budget.The DIY shared by me is first used on me then the best result is shared with you all..Hope you will Find it helpful!! Keep loving and supporting!!

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