Amazing Benefits Of Oiling Belly Button.

In Ayurvedic tradition navel or belly button represent the origin of life.This is our first nourishment source when we all were in mom’s womb.It is considered to be the root of vein and nerves which work as the transporter of nutrients to the body. I will share amazing facts regarding Navel with you all.Your NavelContinue reading “Amazing Benefits Of Oiling Belly Button.”

This Holi Take Care Of Your Skin And Health From Synthetic Colors And Coronavirus.

Holi is Joyful, Colorful, and vibrant Festival. Traditionally, Holi was celebrated with Gulaal and water but now all those old and pious traditions got replaces with synthetic colors. The post-effect of these synthetic colors on our skin, eyes, ears, hair is hazardous. So taking care of your yourself is very very important and must ThisContinue reading “This Holi Take Care Of Your Skin And Health From Synthetic Colors And Coronavirus.”

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Blackheads.

Tiny and noticeable dark or light color bumps, which are slightly raised, appearing on your skin are blackheads. These bumps occur due to clogged hair follicles. Not only your face but other body parts like shoulder, back, chest, legs are also affected by blackheads. They are kind of painless acne and formed because of oxidizedContinue reading “Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Blackheads.”

5 Homemade DIY Glowing Skin Remedies For Men & Women

Our skin is forever changing and wants deep care from us. Now I am sure you are wondering how to do that. Instead of purchasing costly cosmetics items You can take care of your skin with all the ingredients you can easily get from your kitchen and garden. This DIY home remedies will help youContinue reading “5 Homemade DIY Glowing Skin Remedies For Men & Women”