This Holi Take Care Of Your Skin And Health From Synthetic Colors And Coronavirus.

Holi is Joyful, Colorful, and vibrant Festival.

Traditionally, Holi was celebrated with Gulaal and water but now all those old and pious traditions got replaces with synthetic colors.

The post-effect of these synthetic colors on our skin, eyes, ears, hair is hazardous. So taking care of your yourself is very very important and must

This year not only your skin woes but the newly identified Coronavirus will stop you from Celebrating Holi this Year.

Let me share with you few tips circulated by UNICEF to prevent ourselves from being infected.

• If you are using a mask to prevent yourself from infection, the mask must be used and disposed of properly.

•Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.

•Immediately seek medical care if you are suffering from fever, cough or difficulty in breathing.

•Always carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing at least 60% of alcohol.

• Avoid close contact with anyone who has flu or cold.

• Avoid traveling or always carry sanitizer and important medicines for you and your children.

•Eat garlic and onion because they have antimicrobial properties which will definitely help.

Now Tips to take care of Your Skin and Hair.

Apply the mustard oil all over your skin and hair a day before and if you forgot to apply you can also apply an hour before. Mustard oil will prevent the color from going into your skin.

• Use flower’s petal colors, not synthetic colors.

• If your skin shows allergic reactions use mild cream.

• Don’t forget to apply body lotion or moisturizer after the shower. Skin tends to become dry with the application of synthetic and harsh colors

• Make homemade facial scrub or pack which will nourish your skin.

Read Now:- 5 Homemade DIY Face Pack/Scrub/Mask For Glowing Skin

• You can also use body lotion to protect your skin

• Apply vaseline or baby oil on nails and eyelashes.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Blackheads.

Tiny and noticeable dark or light color bumps, which are slightly raised, appearing on your skin are blackheads.

These bumps occur due to clogged hair follicles.

Not only your face but other body parts like shoulder, back, chest, legs are also affected by blackheads.

They are kind of painless acne and formed because of oxidized melanin.

Oily skin is more prone to blackheads.


Hormonal Changes,

•Pregnancy & use of birth control,

•Blocking of pores by cosmetics,

•Excessive Sweating,

•Androgen a sex hormone secretes sebum,

•Oily Products, Sleep with Makeup On,

•Stress, Anxiety

•Family members are prone to blackheads.

•Drinker or Smoker.


•Never ever Pinch or squeeze them.

•Be Gentle on your skin.

•Wipe off your Phone cause your mobile phone accumulates Dirt, oil & Bacteria.

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Home Remedies For the Removal of Blackheads.

These common kitchen items, you have no clue that can remove blackheads by working as an exfoliant.

1. Baking Soda & Water.

Mix 2 tablespoon of Baking Soda & 2 tablespoon water. Mix them to make paste massage the paste over affected areas, Rinse off with warm water.

2.Sugar.Honey, and Lemon.

Sugar & Honey are great scrubbing agent. Lemon, contain Vit. C will brighten the skin. Mix all items, Massage for five minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water.


The all-season Vegetable- Tomatoes. Being rich in Vitamin C and A, have skin brightening and oil-absorbing properties. Cut the tomatoes into the slice, rub them in a circular motion on the focus Area.

4.Clay (Multani Mitti).

Clay or fuller’s earth, have oil and dirt removing property and helps in eliminating the blackheads. Mix the clay with water and apply the paste on your face wait until it dries then rinse off with water.

5. Cornstarch & Vinegar.

Vinegar will discolor your Blackhead and cornstarch will remove dirt and oil. Mix 2 tablespoon of cornstarch & Vinegar, make a thick paste, apply on the affected area, leave it for 15 minutes then rinse it off.


1. don’t use any scrub more than 2 or 3 days in a week.

2. Always use a good moisturizer after a scrub.

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8 steps to get a Simple but Stunning Pre-Wedding Party Look Quickly (Indian Bride)

A pre-wedding party or bachelor party is a celebration day for the bride and her friends.
And I am super sure that every girl wants to slay the party with her looks.
And what if you can look super stunning, beautiful and fabulous with few makeup products.So, today I will share with you  how to get this simple but stunning look with few makeup products (quickly)

Step 1:- Apply a thin layer of primer over your face or you can Moisturise your skin with any moisturizer you have been using.
The benefit of applying a layer of primer is it makes your makeup stay longer and protect your skin with all chemicals used in cosmetic products. Product used:-Lakme Absolute Blur perfect primer.

Step 2:- Squeeze a small amount of CC  or BB cream. Put a small dots on your Forehead, Nose, Cheeks, Chin, and never ever skip your neck.
Blend the cream with the help of a blender or clean fingers.
You can also use any foundation you want but as the title suggests it is a light, quick But simply beautiful look so I prefer CC cream over foundation.
Its benefits are that is blends smoothly, covers blemishes, dark spots, and dark circles.
Product Used:- Lakme 9 to 5 CC Cream.Step 3:- Settle your CC cream or foundation with a loose powder.
Here I used Rose loose powder it gives you a pinkish glow.
Product Used:- Lakme Rose powder.

Step 4:- Shape your eyebrows with a good eyebrows pencil.
Don’t forget to match the shade of the Eyebrows Pencil with your eyebrows color. Well-shaped eyebrows enhance your look.
Product used:-Lakme Eyebrows Pencil, Black.

Step 5:- Apply your Favorite Eyeshadow’s shade from your palette.
First, apply the light shade as a highlighter then apply a shade darker. It will make your eyes look more attractive
Product Used:-Maybelline The New York Blushed Shades.Step 6:- Apply eyeliner to give your eyes a definition.
Product Used:- Lakme Insta EyeLiner.

Step 7:- Lengthen your eyelashes with a good mascara and intensify your eyelashes.
Product Used:- Maybelline New York Hypercurl Mascara.

Step 8:-  Lipstick is something women have been using for ages. So pick your best and favorite lipstick to make your lip attractive.
Product Used:- Lipstick by Elle 18.

7 Colors Every Guy Should Have In His Wardrobe And Their Psychological Properties.

The total number of colors that exist is 10 million, well that amazing and extraordinary cause we hardly know 12-15 colors, but one of the keys for every man and woman to look more appealing and professional is simply to choose the right color to wear! Along with this, every color has a psychological impression on us i.e looking someone in white gives a peace, clam in our eyes, red shows the passion, black makes you classy. Here you will get to know the 7 colors every guy must have in his wardrobe to enhance your appearance and their psychological properties.

White:- Innocence, Purity.

Men liking or wearing white too often, says that a person is pure and innocent by heart. It is a color Men must have in his wardrobe before any Red, Black, Blue Color. Men look more professional wearing white.

Black:–Elegant, Classy!!

The black color makes you look more elegant, classy, protective and slightly mysterious. Although black can have negative connotations—it’s the color of death, fear, and grief—it’s more generally associated with power and elegance but it is an indicator of Power, like Red. And frankly and personally speaking girls find men more attractive in black color.

Blue:– Confidence,Intelligence

The color of the sea is blue even the biggest shelter we have the sky is blue. The blue color associated with deep emotions, wisdom, confidence.Persons wearing blue look intelligent, confident. According to science, Blue color slows down metabolism and produces a calming effect on the body.

Light blue:- Peaceful, Calm

Light blue stands for reliability, trust. Wearing light blue leaves a gentle impression on the eyes of the viewer. It is a peaceful and calming color.

Peach:- Cool, Romantic

The best property of peach color is a reflection, it reflects on your face and gives the peachy, even tone shade to your face. Peach color creates a sense of stability. A person who likes peach color symbolizes he is optimistic, versatile.

Light Grey:– Practical, Conservative

The perspective of color psychology, grey is emotionless, boring, detached dull and dirty, but a light shade of grey makes you look balanced, practical and conservative. It is the color of calmness. Grey color has spiritual properties also.

Red:-Energetic, Passionate.

How does the red color make you feel? I know the answer, it is intense, aggressive, danger, anger last but not least love. But above all this, it is color or energy, exciting. Red is a strong color, like black. Wearing red fills your mind with energy, strength, and power. Wearing black will make you look Energetic, Powerful.

4 Best Health/Nutrition Drinks For Women.

Women’s body Undergoes into Different changes every year because of mensuration, pregnancy effects, post-pregnancy effects, menopause and thus our Metabolism slows down.
Women body needs more and different nutrition than men.
Deficiency of Iron, Calcium, vitamins show particular symptoms or there will be changes in your body. So women have to be very careful in observing the changes in the body. Instead of neglecting these, understand why it is happening.?
As studies shows, women must take serious care of your body from the age you start mensurating. (Age 16 onwards)
The benefit of consuming Right Health/Nutrition Drink
.•It contains calcium which helps to keep the bones and teeth strong and healthy.
•The iron content in it boosts the creation of red blood cells in the body and increases the hemoglobin.
•It also deals with fatigue and the risk of anemia.
•It contains the antioxidant, vitamin E, which is very helpful in protecting the cells of the body.
•It enhances and strengthens the immune system of the body as it is a good source of vitamin A.
•Vitamins in it also improve the eyesight of a person and deal with vision-related problems.
•Vitamin B6 helps to remove fatigue and tiredness from the body.
•Vitamin presents in it been considered essential for the growth of red blood cells.
So here are 4 best Health/Nutrition Drinks:-

1.Bournvita Health Drink.

Bournvita Women-designed especially for women to provide essential nutrients that help in building strong bones and reduce fatigue. Iron contents aid in maintaining the hemoglobin level in blood.

Enriched with calcium and phosphorus that helps in developing strong and healthy bones.

Product link (400g at. Rs 233)

2.Women Horlicks health drink.

It has specialized Nutrition for Women which helps in building strong bones. Calcium for Strong Bones.Vitamin D for Calcium Absorption. Vitamin K2 for Binding Calcium to Bones.No Added Sugar comes in delicious caramel, chocolate flavors.
Product Link. (750 g now at just Rs 455) ( 450g and 250g at Rs 295)
3.Protinex Mama Health Drink.

Essential Nutrition during Pregnancy & Lactation.With DHA – for fetus brain development. Contains 23 essential vitamins and mineral. Available in Delicious Flavours – creamy VANILLA and exquisite CHOCOLATE.
Product link (250g at Rs 360 now 324). ( 400g at Rs 560 now at 532)
4.Ensure Complete Health drink

Product link-
Helps Increase Muscle Mass – contains high-quality proteins that help increase muscle-mass & a balanced macronutrient ratio that supports optimum utilization of proteins. Contains nutrients like Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K for strong bones. Helps Boost Immunity and protects against infection.

3 Best Green tea Brands In India

Regardless of how your day is going, you will need a dose of freshness to relax and rejuvenate. Naturally rich in antioxidants, Green Tea gives you just that. The antioxidants help to reduce the harmful effects that stress and pollution may have on your body. Try a cup every day to know how it refreshes you like a 5-minute vacation on a busy day! Free your sense.

Benefits of Green tea:-

•Green tea is healthiest beverages containing bioactive compound that improves your health.
•Improve Brain Functioning.
•Burn Excessive Fats.
•Gives you a glowing Fresh Skin.
•Lower risk of Cancer.
•Improve dental health and protect you from infection.
•Reduce the risk of Cardiovascular disease.

How to make Green Tea.
•Bring fresh water to boil.
•Pour water in a Cup.
•Place one tea bag allow it to brew for 2 min.
•Remove the bag, add honey for sweetness.

Note:- Don’t Add milk.

1. Tetley Green tea (Ginger, Mint, lemon)

Purchase link:-
Tetley Green tea is a higly selling brand in India. Tetley is the first Brand in India to launch Green Tea.
The goodness of mint, lemon and ginger make your cup more energizing!!
You can add honey in it if you want sweetness.
This pack comes along with 100 tea bags.
Price:- Rs. 470.
2. Typhoo Green tea.Product link:-

Typhoo Green tea is rich in catechins that double up as a refreshing beverage and a calorie-free hydrating agent making every cup a magical experience.

Organically produced ingredients.
The perfectly brewed green tea refreshes your senses with its enticing aroma and delectable natural flavor.
This pack comes along with 100 tea bags.
Price:- Rs 650 now at Rs Rs. 300

3.Lipton green tea.

Product link:-

Lipton is a well-known brand in India advertises by Bollywood actress Shradhha Kapoor.
Consumption of  Lipton Green Tea as a part of a healthy lifestyle may help maintain a healthy heart as it is thought to have a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases.
This bag comes along with 100 tea bags.
Price:- 470 now available at Rs 423.

3 best foundation under Rs. 200

Foundation is a basic requirement for every makeup person and especially when you are a makeup person. Foundation is liquid or powder makeup applied on your face and neck to get an even tone complexion, cover flaws. Foundation cost varies from Rs. 100 to 71000. So here I’ll share 3 best foundations under Rs. 300 which will give you best result:–

1. Blue heaven Foundation Makeup.  (Rs. 150)

blue heaven foundation gives you a flawless matte finish look.
Available in natural shade and blends perfectly.
Suitable for all skin types.
It gives you a flawless look.
It’s non-greasy.
It comes with Sun protection.
Easily spreads on your face…

Application:-Apply tiny dots on neck and skin and blend thoroughly
Grab it now at Rs 87 especially for you all

2.Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation. (Rs. 175)This foundation blends perfectly.
Gives you picture-perfect look within a minute.
Protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.
Preven skin darkening.
It gives you full coverage.
Available in 5 shades.
Water consistency keeps your skin hydrated.
Application:-Apply tiny dots on neck and skin and blend thoroughly.Grab it now:–

3. Olivia liquid foundation. (Rs. 150)This foundation’s perfect material to protect your skin from pollution and light rays.
It is available in the awesome shade to suit every skin type.
If you are looking for a natural medium coverage foundation this is all you need.
It leaves the skin smooth and even out the complexion.

Application:-Apply tiny dots on neck and skin and blend thoroughly

Grab it from here.

5 Homemade DIY Glowing Skin Remedies For Men & Women

Our skin is forever changing and wants deep care from us. Now I am sure you are wondering how to do that. Instead of purchasing costly cosmetics items You can take care of your skin with all the ingredients you can easily get from your kitchen and garden.

This DIY home remedies will help you to get Shiny, Glowing, Acne free, Tan free skin

1.Coffee Powder +Sugar+Aloevera

Mix it well. Apply the layer on your face and next. Leave it for 15 min and rinse off with lukewarm water

2. Gram flour+Turmeric+Milk

  • Gram flour is a scrubbing agent along with turmeric and milk it brightens up your skin, removes tan and redness.

How to make:-2tbsp of Gram flour+Pinch of turmeric+2tbsp of raw milk.Apply it on your face, leave it for 10 min and rinse it off with water

3. Multani Mitti (Fullers Earth)

Multani mitti helps in fighting acne and pimple,  deep Cleanse your skin, even out your skin,  treats tanning and pigmentation.

How to make:- 2tbsp of Multani mitti+2tbsp of rosewater.
Make a thin paste, apply it on your face, leave it for 5-8 min and rinse it off with water.

4.Sandalwood powder.

Sandalwood powder exfoliates the skin,  soothes the sunburn, lighten the complexion.

Note:- don’t rub it on your skin.
Gently apply a layer of it on your face.
How to make:-2tbsp of sandalwood powder+1tbsp of Aloe vera gel or 2tbsp of raw milk. Mix it well.
Apply it on your face, leave it for 5 min and rinse it off.

5.Yogurt+lemon juice+honey

Yogurt has lactic acid which helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
It tightens up your skin.
Lemon juice rich in vitamin C helps in brightening your skin.
Honey is naturally antibacterial so it’s great for acne treatment and prevention.

How to do:-make:-2tbsp of Yogury+1tbsp of lemon juice+ 1tbsp of honey Mix it well.
Apply it on your face, leave it for 10 min and rinse it off.

5 low price gifts to impress her.

February the month of love is on its peak. I am sure you are totally confused about what to buy for your loved ones, but when you look into your wallet your eyes filled with tears. Don’t you worry I’ll tell you a low price gift for your girl that will definitely show her how much you love her? So here it is:-

Rose not from the market but from your garden. Actually girls love it when their men bring rose for them..Ohh that’s lovely na.
Hand made greetings are next level romantic
Surely you can go and buy a greeting but nothing is compared to the love and time you will give to make a hand made greeting for your love.
Write a short poem for her,sing a song for her.Nothing makes a girl more happy other than thesw little things.Remember if you love someone truly every day is valentine😍
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